Maulana Mustafa Raza Khan


Alahazrat's younger son Muftie Azam Hind Maulana Mustafa Raza Khan was called the 'Muftie Azam Hind (Mufti, the great of India) but actually he was Mufti, the great of Islamic World. He was born in 1892 and completing his education from Manzare Islam in 1910, began to write Verdicts. He cooperated his father in every movement which were  attacking Islam and Muslims such as Jehad movement, Hijrah movement, Khilafat movement and Non-Cooperati on movement. Shuddhi movement (The mischief of opostacy) launched by Swami Sharaddhanand and others was greatly opposed by Muftie Azam. He prepared a team of Ulama and under the banner of Jamat Razae Mustafa, he launched Anti Shuddhi movement and making the tours of Mathura, Aligarh and Rajputana etc. crushed this movement of mischief of opostacy and secured the Iman of thousands of Muslims.

He was also on fore front of Kanpur Masjid case. His father Alahazrat appointed Sadarul-Sharia Maulana Amjad Ali Azmi , the Qazie shahar for the entire Indian Nation and appointed Muftie Azamthe Muftie Shahar to assist the Qazi-e-Shahar. He participated All India Sunni Conference twice in Banaras. In 1946 when he performed his second Hajj pilgrimage, Saudi Govt. enforced law of Hajj tax and this was illegal. No Alim or Mufti of the world opposed this tax law but Muftie Azam without any fear of Saudi Govt. gave fatwa against Saudi Wahabi Govt. and wrote there a book named Tardul-Shaitan in Arabic language. At last Saudi Govt. finished this Tax. When in India in 1975, Indra Govt. in emergency period, launched the movement of involuntary family planning specially for Muslims to decrease their population and even Wahabis supported the Govt. then Muftie Azam Hind gave a verdict against this Nasbandi Movement. Police tried to arrest him but C.I.D. and C.B.I. reported that this would be an unwisely step of police and administration as they are not known to his personality. Total Muslims of India would arise in action and such the Govt. would be failed.  After Muftie Azam's fatwa this Nasbandi Movement was stopped and after a few months the Govt. fell down.

Muftie Azam was also a great Saint. He performed a great deed of Human Service by his charms and Dua. He had mastery on Rational and Irrational branches of knowledge. He has written more than 55 books. If his fatawa being collected be compiled, it would consist in 15 volumes (about 30,000 pages). Till now only three volumes of his fatwa 'Fatawa Mustafavia' have been published. He was also a nice poet. His Divan 'Samane Bakhshish' is the collection of Hamd, Naat and Man Qabat. A scholar performing research work on his life and poetry has obtained Ph.d. degree from Rohilkhand University. His disciples and caliphs are spread all over the world. The strength of his disciples is more than ten crores and strength of his caliphs more than many hundreds. At present his Saintly chain is one of the greatest chains in the world. Muftie Azam performed three Hajj pilgrimage. Two before 1947 and third and last in 1971.

He demised on 13th Muharram 1401 A.H./11th Nov 1981. About twenty lakhs of Muslims participated in his funeral prayer.