Details about Maslake Alahazart

1- Allahu Ta'ala is one. He has no partners what so ever. He is creator & sustainer, Omnipotent & omniscient. His person and attributes are self-existent. He is free from body, time, place, direction & all defects.
2- All prophets & angels are innocent.
3- Hazrat Muhammad Sall- Allahu AlaihiwaSallam has been created from Allah's light & all are created from his light.
4- He is the leader of all prophets & Messengers.
5- He is the seal of all prophets
6- He is Hadhir Nadhir & alive.
7- He is communicator of unseen knowledge.
8- His miracles are true
9- His accession was physical
10- He is the master of both world and distributor of Allah' grace.
11- Allah has imparted Aulia, the miracles, possession & authority
12- Mediation & assistance from prophets & Aulia are legal
13- Hazart Ali is the fourth califh & orders of califhs are as- siddiqui Akbar, Farooque Azam, usman Ghani & Maula Ali Radhi Allahu Alaihim Ajmaeen
14- Urs, Fateha & Milad are legal & So on........

This was the maslak of sahaba, & their successors, Tabaeen, Imams, Aulia & ulama & is 1400 years old maslak.

Maslake Alahazart is the maslak of prophetic love. Prophetic love is Iman & without love & respect for the Holy prophet one can't be a believer.

Allahu Taala says-: "Say you (prophet Sall Allahu Alaihiwasallam),if yours fathers & your sons & your brothers & your wives & your clan & the wealth of your earning & the trade of which you fear loss & the houses of your choice,these things are dearer to you than Allah & His Messenger & the struggling in His path,then wait till Allah brings His commands.And Allah guides not the disobedients." (ix : 24)

The Holy prophet sallAllahu Alaihiwasallam says:-
"Nobody amongst you will become a muslim unless I am dearer to him than his parents, children and all other persons"

Imam Ahmad Raza's love & respect for the prophet sallAllahu Alaihiwasallam was such as the Quran & Hadith have stated.

He says:-
"The Quran describes him as our 'Faith'
The 'Faith' tells us that he is its spiritual reality."[Hadaique Bakhshish]

And this Maslak of prophetic love is actual Isalm & has been continuing since 1400 years.

Imam Ahmad Raza's Scholarship the charity of prophetic love:-

Though Imam Ahmad Raza studied under various teachers yet he completed his education under supervision of his father Maulana Naqi Ali Khan. With personal study he perfected him self in more than fifty-four disciplines of knowledge. From amongst these 54 branches of learning he studied 21 branches & remaining he attained by the blessing of Allahu Taala.

At present the ulama and scholars have pointed out that Imam Ahmad Raza had Mastery over 70 rational and irrational branches of knowledge.

According to the investigation of this humble he was skill in the following disciplines of knowledge.

Jurisprudence, Leiucan of Jurisprudence, principle of jurisprudence, Hadith, principle of Hadith, Encyclopaedia of narrators of Hdith, critical examintion of Hadith. Excegesis, principal of Excegesis, scholastic theology, recitation of the Quran with right pronunciation, knowledge of the Quran and art of its translation, Dialectic, Syntax Etymology, Rhetoric, style & elocution, linguistic and & Lexicon, phonetics, urdu prose, perrsian poetry, Arabic poetry, urdu poetry, Hindi poetry Criticism, Commentary &appreciation, prosody, mysticism, metaphysics Incantation & Invocation, Jafr (Literology and Numerology), carrying the figures, Ethics, logic, philosophy, History, Biography & chronology, Education, Economics, political Science, Commerce, Banking Sosiology, Arithmetic & Computation, Algebra ( Factorization, equation of any degree, Exponential series, Benomial theorem, set theory, Topology, Tenserial Algebra), Euclidean Geometry, plane , Trigonometry & logarithms, spherical Trigonometry, coordinate Geometry, Timings, Horoscopism, Astronomy and astronomical tables, His a be satini, Dynamics, Statics, Hydrodynamics ,Hydrostatics, statistics, Zoology, Botany, Horticulture, physiology, unani Tib & medicine, Geography, Geology, Physics Organic chemistry ,Inorganic chemistry, Bio chemistry , Physical chemistry etc to branches.

If we lessen the number of these branches of learning, still would not be less than 60. Today hardly 30 or 32 subjects are taught in modern universities & out of them a few such as Dance & music, Sexology, witchcraft are unlawful. And Imam Ahmad Raza's range of knowledge was just double of the subject taught in the universities. Thus we see that he alone is more voluminons than all Jamias and universities and a challenge for ulama & scholars of the world.He was specialist of these branches of learning & has written more than 1000 books and pamphlets on these disciplines of knowledge.

Such a wonder struck Alim & scholar and versatile genius is not found in 400 years world history as Imam Ahmad Raza was.

Actually the prophetic love brightened his intellect and scholarship. He attained the knowledge on the place of he art and his knowledge was always guided by the love of prophet.